March 29, 2013

Better than an Easter egg – Spain’s Semana Santa Celebrations

Semana Santa is the biggest national fiesta in Spain, with parades that feature solemnity and gaudiness in equal measure.                                     The most glamorous are held in Andalucia, in Malaga and Seville especially, although aficionados of these things claim
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Bad Medicine at the spice souk

  Seeing ghosts has never been a major preoccupation for me, but if ever I find myself frightened of phantoms I know exactly where to go – to the Spice Souk in Marrakech, where Ahmed will create a secret blend of dried chameleon, iguana foot, sea urchin, hedgehog and fish
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Buying a carpet

Buying a Moroccan carpet can be a time consuming experience, but most people fall into one of two groups. Which group do you belong to?           The first style is to carefully mull. Will the colour clash with the furnishings in the living room? Will it get too much wear in
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