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What To Expect At Alicante Airport Arrivals?

Whether for business or pleasure, Alicante or Alacant is a great place to be in. Aptly tagged as the “Lucentum” or “the City of Lights,” the pristine shore of Alicante is dotted with luxurious resorts and establishments that splendidly shimmer at nightfall. Cozy and inviting Alicante airport arrivals to tease all tourists and businessmen to an exciting experience that awaits them. There are lots to see and do while in this Valencian City. As you board off your plane and reach the Alicante airport arrivals hall, you will feel the Mediterranean climate of this Spanish region.

As warm as the climate of the city, its people are also very welcoming. Staff and crew of both Alicante airport arrivals and departures halls always wear a smile. In fact, frequent flyers commend the friendly atmosphere at Alicante airport.
If you are visiting Alicante for the first time, you ought to list the must-see places of Alicante. On top of the list is the Castle of Santa Barbara which is a medieval fortress built atop the scenic Mount Benacantil. Built by ancient Spanish monarchs, the castle gives a panoramic view of the whole city. Other places worth dropping by include: Castillo de San Fernando, La Playa San Juan, Iglesia de Sta. Maria, Ayuntamiento and the Co-Cathedtal of San Nicolas.

If you have time, you can have an early morning walk at Alicante’s parks such as the Canalejas Park, El Palmeral, Parque del Morant, Monte Bencanatil and Parque de la Ereta. Even if you’re visiting Alicante for business, a side trip to any of these lovely places will complete your Alicante experience.

Passenger airlines land at the new terminal building of Alicante. The building is well-lit and ventilated. The building and compound are spacious catering to daily arrivals at Alicante airport.

After boarding off your plane, you will be directed to the baggage claim station. Although rare, some passengers may not find their baggage at the claim area. If you encounter such a problem, you can approach any of the baggage claim counters located right within the station. Each airline has a designated baggage counter, you can check with them regarding your baggage.

Once you have claimed your baggage, you need to go through the customs control section. If someone’s picking you up, this is where you will likely meet them. There is only one arrival exit so there is no reason for confusion. Directions are also available at every turn thus you will not get lost in the airport.

If you have arrived earlier than schedule or the one picking you up isn’t around yet, you have several options available. For sure, many would simply wait at any of the seats found at the Alicante airport arrivals lounge. But if you’re in a hurry, you can follow these directions. Use the Arrivals Alicante Airport Map for easy navigation.

Parking Area: If you have a car waiting at the parking area, you can use the elevator to go up to level 1. Follow the walking tunnels that lead to the parking area.
Hire a Car: Car-for-hire desks are found on the right side of the hall. Simply walk 20 meters to your right.
Ride a Taxi: There are taxi stands immediately outside the arrival hall. Just exit the building and wait for your turn to ride one.
Ride a Bus: If you choose to ride a “local” bus, you must be familiar with the streets of downtown Alicante or at least bring with you a city map. Tourists with a charter bus can take the elevator, then one level down, and simply follow the BUS signs.

Who Needs A Visa?

One of the most important things that you need to bring is your Visa.
Alicante airport flight arrivals consist of both international and local flights. There are over a hundred airline companies operating at Alicante thus passengers will not find a hard time booking their flights. But before you book your flight, you might need to know who needs a visa.

Foreign nationals boarding flight arrivals Alicante will need to submit themselves for necessary document checks.

Non-citizens will need to present a visa to be allowed to transit, enter or remain in a foreign country. In some instances, arrivals at Alicante airport even for a connecting point may be required to show their visa. However, nationals from any EU country do not require a Visa to transit or enter the city. Spain also holds mutual travel arrangements with other non-EU countries. Thus all nationals from the following countries will only need a passport.

Costa Rica
San Marino
The Vatican
New Zealand
Rep. Korea
El Salvador

Citizens of countries not mentioned above will need to show their Visa. Passengers of flight arrivals at Alicante airport must not forget to check with their respective immigration authorities about necessary travel documents. Please, contact the Embassy of Spain in your country for more information about possible changes.

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