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Once you come to your Spain Uncovered, you simply can not miss visiting this symbol of our city. Alicante City Hall (Alicante Ayuntamiento) is a splendid example of baroque civil architectonics, built in the 18th century.

Its front facade is rich in ornamental elements, like spiral columns and coat of arms, having a long balcony on the first floor. On each side, you can see impressive twin towers emphasizing the overall symmetry of the building.

The main entrance of the Alicante City Hall is on the Plaza de Ayuntamiento square. This is a typical Spanish square with arcade walkways and several restaurants in the shade. At the end of June, you can participate here one of the most spectacular night events in Alicante. Thousands of people gather to watch burning down a large wooden figure at the end of Hogueras de San Juan bonfire festival.


There is also one small entrance on the back side of the building facing a charming square – La Plaza de Santa Faz. This square, situated in the pedestrian zone of the Old Town, is the ideal place to relax. Surrounded by colorful buildings from the 18th century, you can have a lunch in one of numerous restaurants under the shade of palm trees.



Approaching the Alicante City Hall from the front side, you will notice a marble plate with the bust of the writer Miguel de Cervantes. Once inside the entrance hall, pay attention on the lowest step of the building’s main staircase. There you will find a plate indicating the Zero level (Cota Cero), the reference point for measurements of the altitude above the sea level used in Spain. On the left side of the staircase, there is a modern sculpture dedicated to the painter Salvador Dalí.



Blue Hall (Salón Azul)Other rooms of interest are the Blue Hall (Salón Azul) reflecting the style from the period of Queen Isabel, Meeting Hall (Salón de Plenos) and a lateral chapel. Later on, you can also visit an exhibition of interesting archaeological remains called Alicante – the city unveiled (Alicante – la ciudad descubierta). It is placed in a new modern building, recently added on the right side of the old City Hall.

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