About Alicante Theatre

Alicante tourist information about performances in two Alicante theatres

Teatro Principal

Quite close to the Rambla Avenue, behind the building of Banco de España, you can find the main theatre of Alicante (Teatro Principal). This imposing neoclassical building was inaugurated in 1847. Its exterior is characterized by six Doric columns, crowned by a triangular front.

The interior reflects the dominant Italian style of the second part of the 19th century. The main hall has a semicircular form of a horseshoe and four levels of theatre balconies. The curvature gives a feeling of spaciousness, improving the quality of the sound and visual perception. The theatre is situated at the square Plaza Ruperto Chapí, separated from the neighbouring buildings. On its right side, there is a small green area with a magnificent modern statue of Agamemnon.

Teatro Principal is the main cultural institution of the city. Here you can see excellent performances of ballet, opera and theatre. Very often, Teatro Principal is a host of many distinguished international artists.




Address: Plaza Ruperto Chapí, Alicante Spain



Theatre of Arniches

If you prefer a darker and more private atmosphere, you can visit a small Theatre of Arniches. It is situated at the square La glorieta de la Estrella, close to the Alicante train station RENFE and the end of the Maisonnave Avenue. The theatre is quite small, having capacity for only 264 persons. Its dark interior and scarce illumination create its special atmosphere. There are various types of performances, done by professionals or by beginners.


Address: Av. Aguilera, 1, 03007 Alicante, Spain

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