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Centrally located in the region of Valencia in Spain, the city of Alicante offers tourists and business travelers the experience of a lifetime. Soft sandy beaches that stretch for miles, picturesque mountain ranges, boulevards lined with palm trees, parks and entertainment centers, and excellent weather, all make Alicante one of the best tourist spots in Spain. Whether it is your first time visiting the city, or you’ve been here countless times, Alicante tourist information will be a great help to you.

You won’t really enjoy your trip to Alicante without having an itinerary. If your tour agent does not have an itinerary for you, you can visit the Alicante tourist office and ask for a brochure of the city. The office can provide you with tips and advice on which places to visit and how to get there. Conversations with locals, riding public transportation and a chance to experience Alicante’s culture are just a few things that regular itineraries do not offer. It’s fun to visit places which people hardly know about. In fact, some of the best tourist spots of the city are never really included in regular tour itineraries.

Alicante tourist information is available both through the city’s website and through the local office. You can find helpful information there, such as the city’s major travel destinations, the public transport system, the monetary system, important offices and establishments such as banks, immigration offices, travel agencies and others, and also a guide to the city’s culture.

Alicante Tourist Attractions

In the past few years, Alicante tourism has grown dramatically, becoming a major thrust in the city’s economic development. Tourist information about Alicante is available to everyone who wants to visit this lovely place. If you are still planning your tour, you might want to include the following must see attractions.


Castillo de Santa Barbara

A silent witness of the city’s history and culture, this ancient castle is now considered a heritage site and a landmark of the city. Situated atop the rocky terrain of Mount Benacantil, the castle has served as a formidable citadel for the city. For many centuries, it has protected the city from attacks by the Moors and the Romans. Today, the well-preserved structure of Castillo de Santa Barbara serves as a major tourist attraction. Tourists can’t help but be impressed at the picturesque sea views from the castle.

El Barrio

The winding streets of El Barrio used to be the center of trade, commerce, culture and entertainment of Alicante. Various remarkable historic sites can be found in this part of the city. San Nicolas Cathedral and the Ayuntamiento are two of the best sites you can visit while in El Barrio. The whole atmosphere at El Barrio will take you back in time. Colored houses, a medley of ancient architecture, attractive streets and cozy plazas are spread all across El Barrio. Recent rehabilitation by Alicante’s tourist office has revitalized the glory of this old thoroughfare.

Delectable Foods

There’s no better way of enjoying your stay in Alicante than by tempting your palate. Treat your taste buds with native delicacies such as a steaming café con leche. It’s a totally different type of drink, especially when coupled with the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. For travelers looking for a sumptuous meal, Alicante’s arroz a la alicantina will certainly satisfy their appetites. Made of chicken and rice combined with traditional spices, this meal is a must have. Interestingly, almost every food establishment in the city has their own version of ‘arroz’. Alicante tourist information also recommends home-grown fruits like medlars, pomegranates, dates, oranges and grapes. The flavors are simply amazing.

Holidays and Festivals

If you have the luxury of choosing when to visit Alicante, you ought to schedule your trip during the Las Hogueras de San Juan, a unique holiday in Alicante. The city takes on a festive mood, starting June 20 and lasts until June 24. The winding streets of El Barrio leading to the beaches are filled with people enjoying themselves. During the festival, people gather piles of old furniture and set them ablaze as a cheery goodbye to the winter season. Although it started as a pagan ritual, it has now turned into a Catholic religious festival dedicated to Saint John. Today, the festival has modern attractions such as pyrotechnic displays, fire balloons, fireworks, and street parties.

All these attractions and lots more await tourists. Alicante tourist information provides a comprehensive list of places and things that you can enjoy while in the city.



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