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Alicante Train Station – RENFE Spain

Alicante train station – RENFE Spain

The main Alicante train station is situated in the center of the city facing Salamanca Avenue.

It is run by RENFE Spain company, which offers high-speed connections towards:

Madrid (4 hours)
Valencia (2 hours) and
Barcelona (5 hours).

Alicante tramMoreover, you can also take a local train (a bit slower), which takes you to the nearby towns of Elche (30 minutes) and Orihuela (1 hour), ending in Murcia (1 hour and a half).
If you want to travel further to Cartagena (Carthago Nova, the city of Asdrubal) you should normally take another local train in Murcia (1 hour of travel more).

Alicante trainOnce you arrive by train at RENFE Alicante train station, you should walk straight forward towards the main door ONLY if you want to ask for more information about other connections. The ticket and information office could be found on the left side.

If you are just looking for a Taxi, do NOT exit through the main door. In that case, you would just end up in the busy Salamanca Avenue and probably get lost. Instead, walk out of the train station building through the small door on the RIGHT side. There you could pick up the Taxi before other passengers find them out.

Important note:
Smoking in Alicante is restricted in offices, many restaurants, and especially in public transport. The rules are strict and fines are harsh. No-smoking symbols are clearly displayed in Alicante train station.

The most important note:
ALWAYS watch your baggage! NEVER leave it unattended! I strongly advise you (from my personal experience in 2004): watch carefully for it. Putting your baggage on the floor while looking in the other direction, asking for information, or buying a ticket, you could easily lose your personal belongings. Take this note seriously whether you are in the station or on the crowded beach. Take care!

Prices of various Alicante train destinations:


Address: Avda. de Salamanca s/n., 03005 Alicante Spain
Tel: +34 902 240 202


The narrow gauge railway station – FGV

The narrow gauge Alicante train station is located close to the harbor at the end of the central Postiguet beach, several hundreds of meters away from the Hotel Melia. Here you can take a tram that goes to the nearby town of Campello.

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