An Alicante Vacation Has it All

Tourists flock to the city of Alicante in the hundreds of thousands every year, and there’s a good reason why there is practically everything you want when you’re vacationing in this lovely place.

To better appreciate Alicante let’s get to know more about it. This is the capital city in the province of Alicante which is in the southern portion of the Valencian Community. It is a very old port city facing the Mediterranean Sea along the Costa Blanca (White Coast). Due to its location, the weather in the area is typically mild the whole year, which is ideal when you take your Spain Uncovered. The city itself has a population of around 300,000 and almost 800,000 including outlying areas based on 2009 estimates.

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The settlement history of the area goes back around 7,000 years by most estimates. Hunter gatherers, Greek and Phoenician traders have stayed in the place. North Africans also controlled the area followed by the Romans who stayed for around 700 years. The Arabs occupied the area for a very long time too, until it was eventually regained by the Spaniards. Out of this restless past emerged one of the most progressive cities in Spain.

One of the must see sites in your Alicante vacation is Santa Bárbara Castle, less than 10 minutes from the central portion of the city. This sits on Mount Benacantil high above the city and you can also have a great view of the bay down below. It is one of the largest mediaeval fortresses in Spain.



Other monuments to see are the San Nicolás Co-Cathedral, Santa Maria Basilica (the oldest church in the city), and more.

The beaches are one of the main attractions of Alicante. Holidays in Spain would not be complete if you did not go to its beaches, and among the best beaches in Spain are those in Alicante. The beaches are near the city proper and a nearby island. All the beaches are easily accessible by bus, tram or car; others are just within walking distance.

You have to taste the great food to fully know the city. Due to its history, the place is influenced by many cultures and this can be experienced in its cuisine. The food is basically Mediterranean and rice is the main component. They also have wonderful local wine.

san juanHave fun during your Alicante vacation, participating in one of the many festivals the city celebrates, one of the most important being the Hogueras de San Juan Festival which happens in the latter part of June. Another is the May Crosses Festival which is celebrated May 1st to 3rd, and many more festivals throughout the year.


alicante golfIf you are into sports during your holidays, Alicante is just the place for you especially if you are into golf. In the city proper alone there are two golf clubs with 18 holes and par 72 courses. The city also has sports facilities and a football team playing in the premier league. Shopping, the nightlife and more; you can find it all in Alicante. Make sure to plan out your trip by visiting websites to get the most of your vacation.

Alicante has an international airport. It can also be reached by car or train and even by sea due to its port. The city just has it all.

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Hi, I'm Pablo, an internet marketer who enjoys working and travelling around the Costa Blanca, Spain. I have been fortunate enough to have met some amazing people on my travels and was lucky enough to be able to make Spain my second home in 2018.

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