A Variety of Attractions in Benidorm Spain

There are quite a number of tourist attractions in Benidorm. This coastal town located in the northern part of Alicante Province is part of the Costa Blanca (White Coast) so the beaches are one of the main Benidorm attractions.
Two of the beaches Levante Beach and Poniente Beach are the more popular ones. These two beaches are split in the middle by the town center with Poniente Beach on the southwest side and the more popular, more “in” Levante Beach on the northeast side.

Benidorm beaches

here is actually a smaller beach just below the town center called Mal Pas beach. The beaches have received the Blue Flag seal of the European Union and are well noted for their cleanliness. You can find food, bars, and shops near the beaches with the Levante and Poniente being the better-appointed beaches. Across the shore, there is Benidorm Island which can be visited by tourists, and the island is noted for its peacocks.

There are all sorts of water-based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, paragliding, windsurfing, and boat trips. There are boat trips on glass-bottomed boats where you can have a comfortable view of the marine life below. There are also boat trips that take you outside of Benidorm; you leave in the morning and you can be back in the afternoon.

Tourist atttractions in Benidorm

These parts are another set of attractions. Benidorm has four of them to boot! There is Mundomar, on the northwest outskirts of the town. This place has both marine and other animals inside the park. There are dolphins, sea lions, and other marine animals as well as birds and land animals. Just next to it is Aqualandia, this is a water park and the water here comes directly from the sea. There are many water-based facilities like slides and swimming pools. You can sunbathe as well.

The two other parks are inland; Terra Mitica has a theme based on ancient times. The park is divided into Greece, Rome, Iberia, Egypt, and the Islands sections. There are roller coaster rides and other kinds of rides and shows relating to the different sections. The sister park nearby Terra Natura has a more zoo-like environment and there are a variety of animals like tigers, deer, and crocodiles. The park has four themes, America, Asia, Europe, and Pangea with the animals displayed in their corresponding habitats along with the four themes. Not all the parks are open all the months of the year so be sure to check first the months they are open.


Food is naturally one of the attractions in Benidorm. There are so many establishments offering all kinds of food. There are restaurants like Aitena which offer traditional Spanish food and economically priced wines. There is Casa Toni which has Spanish food also and is a favorite place of the locals. There are many more places to eat in Benidorm.

Certainly, one of the main reasons tourists in large numbers come to this place is its internationally famous nightlife; you have bars, and establishments offering live music, cabarets, and adult entertainment. Benidorm Palace is one place to go to if you want to know what cabaret is really like. There are so many places to enjoy your night and more.

benidorm square

There may be only a few places in the world that can offer the variety of attractions that Benidorm has.

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