Benidorm Beaches

Levante Beach – Poniente Beach Benidorm

Stretching from the spirited shores of the Levante Beach in the east to the more tranquil sands of the Poniente Beach in the west, Benidorm beaches offer high-quality facilities and a range of activities for visitors of all ages and nationalities.

With over five kilometres of beach, Benidorm is one of Spain’s most prominent resort towns. You can enjoy a day of swimming and sunbathing knowing you are being well taken care of in Benidorm.
Levante Beach and Poniente Beach employ professional lifeguards and security staff to ensure your safety as you explore the wealth of water sports and beach restaurants available. Medical teams are stationed at first-aid points, and there are even local police patrolling on the water.

Levante Beach

You will also experience some of the cleanest beaches you have ever seen in Benidorm. Poniente Beach and Levante Beach are maintained and serviced by a large cleaning crew 365 days a year.
If you are planning to visit Benidorm beaches, you will need to search for beach apartments. Benidorm has a wide selection of tourist accommodations to meet all your needs, from a good price to five-star services. Choose to stay near Levante Beach for access to Benidorm nightlife and young crowds, or head to the impressive Poniente Beach for a less congested coast where you’ll meet more local residents and Spanish families. If you want to pay less and sacrifice a view of the ocean, look inland for lodging. Benidorm’s two main beaches have comparable facilities where you can rent sun loungers, parasols, watercraft, safety gear, and even magazines and newspapers!

If you are spending the afternoon at Poniente Beach, you can take a train from the end of Park Elche in the Old Town district to the far end of the beach and back. Poniente makes a special effort to welcome travellers with disabilities. There, wheelchair-users can access the sea on sloping decks, or enjoy a swim, assisted by trained staff, in an amphibious chair. Both the Levante and Poniente Beaches offer wheelchair-accessible toilets. A system of colored flags shows you what swimming conditions are like at different points along the coast. Green flags indicate safe swimming; yellow flags suggest you pay attention; red flags prohibit swimming due to rough waters; and white flags, seen only in July and August, warn when jellyfish are near.



But don’t limit yourself to Benidorm beaches! There are plenty of nearby beaches to tantalize you, like Malpas, located near the harbour beneath the port and castle cliffs, or Raco Conil (a “playa nudista”), just 4 kilometres outside the city. Head south toward Alicante or north toward Denia to discover more beaches, coves, and small fishing villages. If you travel to more secluded locations, be sure you prepare. It can be a steep walk to some of the coves, and not all beaches in the region have refreshment stands, so take plenty of food and water with you. It doesn’t take much else to have a good time on Benidorm beaches!

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