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Benidorm, also known as the “Manhattan of Spain” or “Beniyork” because of its skyscrapers and urban excitement, has a lot to offer its thousands of tourists. Who wouldn’t want to spend a week just relaxing on the expansive shores of the Poniente, or water skiing at the Levante?

But it’s nice to have the freedom and privacy afforded by a car rental. Benidorm is conveniently located on Costa Blanca, in the province of Alicante. Benidorm car hire will give you the opportunity to explore the province further, discovering more beaches, coves, and small fishing villages at your leisure. Look for Benidorm car hire agencies at the international airport in Alicante and throughout the town. An internet search can help you determine what companies and cars are available.

So what do you need to know about car hire? Benidorm has a competitive tourist industry, so shop around for deals from a reputable agency. Be familiar with your options and clear about your expectations. Book early on, so that you don’t get stuck with your last choice of vehicles. It’s no fun to drive around in the sun without air conditioning or adequate luggage space! Be specific if you require air conditioning, automatic steering, baby seats, extra legroom, or any other particular amenities; do not assume your car will have any of these things unless you have requested them.
Benidorm car rental agencies, especially at the airport, are always busy, so keep that in mind when you arrive in Alicante. If you are traveling with friends or family, it’s a good idea to send the driver and/or person who booked the car ahead of the rest of the group. One person can claim the car while everyone else waits at the baggage carousel. Before they can hand you the keys, you must present the Benidorm car hire agent with valid identification and the credit card used for making the reservation.

As you drive through Benidorm, be mindful of traffic laws that may be different from those in your own country. Be especially cautious at turnabouts and always give way to traffic from the right. Make left turns from the designated turning lanes, called Cambio de Sentido. There are heavy fines associated with traffic infringements in Spain. You can even be fined if you do not carry a red warning triangle, spare bulbs, and a first aid kit in your car, or if you cannot produce a driver’s license, passport, and proof of vehicle insurance and registration. Most fines can be paid on the spot and are calculated on the severity of the offense and the recommendation of the police officer. Drinking under the influence is strongly discouraged and can even land you in jail. The legal drink-drive limit is currently set at 50 mg of alcohol per milliliter of blood. Speed traps are also common, as are steep parking tickets. Yellow paint on the pavement signifies no parking, while blue paint typically means you can pay to park there for up to two hours. Purchase a ticket from a machine or attendant to validate your parking.

Be careful and have fun with your Benidorm car rental!

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