Cheap flights to Benidorm April 2024

Looking for cheap flights to Benidorm? Let us help!

Find cheap flights to Benidorm April 2024

With thousands of tourists booking cheap flights to Benidorm each year, the party capital of Costa Blanca continues to grow in popularity. Situated to the north of Alicante, Benidorm bursts with charm and affluence.
Tourists and residents walk its beaches and skyscraper-lined streets all year long, taking advantage of the mild climate during the day and the city’s legendary nightlife later on.

Cafe Benidorm

Whether you’re travelling during the peak tourist season (from May to October, with significant increases in traffic throughout July and August) or the cooler months, it’s easy to book cheap flights to Benidorm in 2024 if you know where to look.

Although Benidorm is a resort town known for its amazing nightlife and stunning beaches, it’s also well known for bargain loving Brits. There are many ways to find cheap flights to Benidorm online, gone are the days of the old teletext for finding cheap flights, although we have heard they still exist on some TVs!

You’ll find the best fares during the off-season. Some attractions and restaurants may be closed, but that won’t detract from the superb views, warm weather, and sunny beaches. Also, Benidorm is well known for winter sun and many establishments are open all year round. If you have your heart set on travelling during the summer, start searching for Benidorm flights far in advance. You can find package deals where you can purchase your flight and hotel room together, or even entertainment and car rental packages.

Sol Pelícanos Ocas in Benidorm

Spontaneous travellers can sometimes find last-minute cheap flight deals to Benidorm when unsold plane seats or holiday packages are unloaded at a substantial discount (remember the good old teletext days?). You can also save by being flexible about travel dates, flight times, departure and arrival airports, and the number of transfers you are willing to take. If you don’t mind being a little inconvenienced, you’ll find a number of extremely cheap flights from most major European cities. It’s rare, but some lucky vacations happen upon “fat finger” fares, which are incredibly low airfares resulting from an error on the website offering the deal. Companies are not obligated to honour these prices, but many do as a gesture of goodwill. So don’t let the cost discourage you! Just be persistent in your search for the best bargain. Some people even subscribe to updates alerting them when cheap flights to Benidorm are available; you can just sit back and let the right price find you in your mailbox or via SMS!

Before you head off for the airport once you have secured your cheap flight deals, be sure that you have all the appropriate identification, that your valuables are secured, and that you are aware of all relevant airport regulations, including carry-on restrictions. Many of the smaller airlines offering the cheapest flights to Benidorm have strict limits on baggage dimensions, and laws governing what is allowed on the plane (e.g. maximum volume of travel toiletries) differ from country to country. Many of these small, budget airlines make their money through these restrictions, often charging you more for extra baggage, seats and so on.

The nearest airport is the Alicante International Airport (ALC), located seven miles south of downtown Alicante and about an hour from Benidorm. Buses depart from the airport for Benidorm hourly, and you will find the public transportation system easy to use. If you prefer a bit more privacy and freedom, you can hire a car at the airport. Once you debark from your flight, Benidorm awaits you is only 40 minutes away!

cheap flights to Benidorm

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