The Unreal Benidorm Nightlife

If it’s a great nightlife that you want Benidorm is the place to be. This location is known for its nightlife and what more nightlife in Benidorm is not very expensive like other places you might go to. You can have all the fun and at reasonable prices. Benidorm is one of Europe’s top nightlife destinations.
This coastal town in the northern part of Alicante Province has nice mild weather all year round so staying out late in the night is not much of a problem weather-wise.

Benidorm Bars and Nightclubs

There are two beaches split in the middle by the town center that are very popular; Playa de Poniente on the southwest side and Playa de Levante on the northeast side. It is in the area on the Playa de Levante side that has the most concentration of Benidorm nightclubs and other establishments that offer a vibrant nightlife.
Let’s take a look at some show bars, these places are open morning and evening, providing food and of course, there are the drinks. One place to go is Tower Lounge, which is more British, has good live music and there is the British beer, its located long Calle Girona near Avenida del Dr. Ortis Llorca. Buddies is another place to go to, located along with Calle Ibiza and Avenida de Mallorca, drinks are at pub prices, with live music, and a great atmosphere. Be entertained at Champions, if you like sports there are lots of screens featuring games via satellite. There are many things happening here and a good place to watch people passing by. This is situated along Avenida de Mallorca and near Calle Lepanto.

champions Bar benidorm

How about going cabaret, a little more formal than show bars in most instances and opens in the evening. You can see a lot of sexy-dressed ladies on stage and there is also hot Benidorm nightlife adult entertainment later on. The entertainment and atmosphere here are as good as any you’ll find anywhere around the continent. Valentines is a good place to go. Aside from cabaret, they have disco, bands, and drinks are at bar prices. You can find it along Avenida de Castello near Avenida de Mediterraneo.

Talk of the town benidorm

You should also try The Town, nice exclusive shows, good drinks, prices are reasonable. It is located at the end of Calle Lepanto. Sinatras is along with Avenida de Mallorca, a well-liked place, a variety of acts, live music too. Benidorm Palace is a cabaret at its finest; you’ll know what cabaret is really like here. It is located on the Levante side of town. This place is non-smoking for everyone’s benefit.

If you want a bit of America there are some country and western-themed Benidorm bars. Like Grand Ole Benidorm Opry, located along with Calle Ibiza and Avenida de Cuenca, this place has line dancing and it even offers line dancing classes. Go to the Red Dog Western Saloon along Calle Lepanto, usually full and you can dance till the wee hours.

western saloon benidorm

These are just some of the establishments in the locale offering great fun during Benidorm nightlife.

For the family, there are bars like Vincent Cellar and White Horse Family Pub that have facilities for kids while you enjoy your drinks.

It may be hard to believe, but you’ll probably find what you’re looking for when you experience the nightlife of Benidorm.

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