Cadiz Tourism Spain

Guide for Travel to Cadiz

Cadiz Spain is just a small town in the western part of Europe. It is considered the oldest city in the region that was founded more than 3,000 years ago by Phoenician sailors. It was then treated as the commercial foundation in the region.

Feed Your Appetite To Learn History In A Fun Way At Cadiz

Europe has a lot of historical artifacts to offer to its visitors. Compared to other destinations on other continents, Europe is very rich with a sense of history. Among the European countries, Spain is the richest in this field because even before the colonization period, this country has major participation in all key momentous events in the world’s history. So, expect a very worthwhile learning experience when you go to Spain, especially in Cadiz.

Tourist Attractions in Cadiz

If you do love history and archaeology, the attractions in Cadiz will be the perfect destinations for you. There are lots of archaeological relics you can find all over the old town. Your views from left to right will be bursting with interesting items of history. To further feed your appetite for more intimate experiences with history, a visit to the Plaza de Mina is a must. This Plaza is also known as the city’s archaeological museum where you can find interesting exhibits like the two (2) famous Phoenician stones known as the Sarcophagus.

Afterward, your feet will definitely lead you to the old town’s majestic Cathedral. What you can do here is climb up to the topmost part of the North Tower and take a marvelous view of the entire old city. Make sure that you bring your camera with you so that you will not waste the chance to capture your moment with the old city’s view in the background.

Since you are already in the cathedral area, maximize your time and effort by going to the back of the Cathedral. In this place, you can find the magnificent remains of the old Roman Theatre.

Cadiz Tourism Tips

Right after you come to Cadiz, you can walk around the town. You might be thinking that walking is a very tiring and boring activity to do. Well, the old town of Cadiz will prove you wrong. This is because the Cadiz tourism packages the whole old city and not just several sites or spots. As you walk down the town, you will be amazed by the view of enormous stone walls as well as forts, which all surround the old town. These were built in 1596 in order to protect the town from the British. Today, you can visit both the San Sebastian Fort and Santa Catalina Fort during your visit since these sites are commonly open for the public and visitors to appreciate the affluent history of the city.

You must also not forget to pass by the world’s famous Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, which is filled with gorgeous marbles and plates of intricate bronze. These details of the church were made in order to give honor to the delegations from Spain and other representatives from colonial territories of the country from all over the world like the Philippines and other countries in South and Central America. This place was extremely special because this is where the first-ever Spanish Constitution was officially signed.

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