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Car Hire in Alicante – 10 Practical Tips for Alicante Car Hire

Alicante is a popular cheap summer destination in Spain. Its summer packages are too cheap to be ignored especially when we all know that Alicante is a beautiful city.

Alicante’s tourist attractions within the city are easily accessible on foot. However, if you plan to visit tourist attractions outside the city, you should take a look at Alicante car hire.

Hiring a car in Alicante is a fantastic way to explore the city, and it is definitely better than the underdeveloped public transport like trains and buses. If you are a sensible driver and follow all the rules and regulations of traffic, then car hire in Alicante Spain should be a cakewalk for you. Before you hire a car there are a few things you should know to make your experience wonderful.

1.Reach your car hire company early – If you have booked your car well in advance, you can just pick it up any time of the day. In case you haven’t booked a car, reach the company as early as possible. Usually, the cars are distributed on a first-come first basis, and if you want to get the car of your choice, then rush to the Alicante car hire office even before it opens.

2.Choose exactly what you require – The company staff will give you a plethora of options to choose from. They are good at marketing and will try to entice you into choosing a bigger, expensive car by telling you that you’ll be able to fit in your luggage, baby needs, shopping bags, food, etc. But, do not fall into this trap and choose a car that is comfortable enough. Also, don’t choose huge cars like a Lincoln. While these cars are elegant, they are like an elephant on the road – not in speed, but in their size, and they might pose a problem in Alicante’s narrow streets. Choosing a small car like a Porsche is better because it can be maneuvered, costs less, and will be perfect for narrow town streets.

3.Add an extra driver – When you are booking a car, it is always better to add an extra driver. Get the two of you covered by Alicante car hire insurance. This will help when you want to relax and enjoy the countryside while your partner drives or when you get tired.

4.Check if the seats are good for infants – If you are bringing your family for the vacation, check that the car hire in Alicante Spain has good seats. They should be safe and clean. Also, many car hire companies don’t have child seats. So you should take your own – you can simply check it in at the airport.

5.Give an over-expected return time – Many Alicante car hire companies are strict about the return time and if you are late even by an hour in returning the car their meter starts rolling. This is a way of making money. Thus if you plan to return the car by 5 pm, give them 8 pm return time. This also helps you in case you get stuck in the traffic, or you are lost.

6.See that your GPS works well – Many times the companies install old and cheap GRS in their cars. Check whether your GPS is the latest and works well.

7.Shop around – When you shop around to find cheap deals, you’ll realize that that there is no car hire in Alicante Spain that is always the cheapest for your dates. Most of it depends on your dates and availability of the car models which the Alicante car hire companies to have. Additionally, contacting each car hire company will result in a complete waste of time. It is, therefore, better to book a car through Internet Alicante car hire companies. On feeding relevant information, the websites will find all the reputable car rental companies within seconds.

8.Summer travel tips – If you are hiring a car in summer, then check whether its air-conditioning is working.

9.Check your car hire for damage – As soon as you get your Alicante car hire you may naturally want to take it and get going. But make sure that your company acknowledges any bumps or scratches that the car already has.

10.Hire diesel cars – Make sure that the car you have taken runs on diesel and not petrol. Diesel costs much less than petrol in Alicante.

As a tourist, you are unfamiliar with the Alicante terrain. You are risking not only your life but your loved ones too. It is recommended that you must go for reputed Alicante car hire companies and not get trapped by cheap companies which may give you sub-standard vehicle.

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Hi, I'm Pablo, an internet marketer who enjoys working and travelling around the Costa Blanca, Spain. I have been fortunate enough to have met some amazing people on my travels and was lucky enough to be able to make Spain my second home in 2018.

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