Helpful Spanish Phrases

Car Repair Help Spain Phrases

vocabulary for repairing your car in Spain

Use this list of Spanish English expressions and questions if you have to repair your car in Spain. Have breakdown triangle and other basic tools. If you have an accident, turn on hazard warning lights. Check these phrases when going to a car workshop.

Hay algo que no va bien en el motor. – There is something wrong with the engine.
El intermitente no funciona. – The indicator does not work.
He pinchado. – I have got a puncture.
He perdido mucho aceite. – I have lost a lot of oil.
Hay filtraciones de aceite. – The oil is leaking.
El motor hace un ruido extraño. – The engine is making a strange noise.
La batería está vacía. – The battery is empty.
Los frenos no funcionan. – The brakes do not work.
Las luces no funcionan. – The lights do not work.
El motor no arranca. – The engine won’t start.
El coche se ha quedado sin agua. – The car has run out of water.
El tubo de escape echa mucho humo. – There is a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.

Parts of a car – a list of Spanish words you need in a garage:

Avería – Breakdown
Batería vacía – Flat battery
Filtraciones de aceite – Oil leak
Humo – Smoke
Neumáticos – Tyres
Neumático sin aire – Flat tyre
Parabrisas roto – Broken windscreen
Pinchazo – Puncture
Radiador vacío – Empty radiator
Roto – Broken
Ruido – Noise
Vibraciones – Vibrations
Reparación – Repair
Nivel de aceite – Oil level
Presión – Air pressure
Presión de los neumáticos – Tyre pressure

A list of car repair questions in Spanish and other expressions you could ask or hear:

Hacen reparaciones? – Do you do repair?
Pueden arreglarme el embrague? – Can you repair the clutch?
Podría revisar los neumáticos? – Could you check the tyres?
Cuánto costará? – How much will it cost?
Cuánto tardará? – How long will it take?
Puedo pagar con tarjeta? – Can I pay by credit card?
No tengo piezas de recambio. – I do not have any spare parts.
Su coche está muy estropeado. – Your car is damaged a lot.
Ya no se puede arreglar. – It can not be repaired.

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