Festivals in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca

Midsummer is great excuse to party in Torrevieja!

If you are looking for an excuse to get out and party on the Costa Blanca, festival season is the perfect time to go. Midsummer is great excuse to party  and the festivals in Torrevieja are second to none! In June huge bonfires are lit on the beach, awaiting the magical midnight moment. People dance under the firelight, wait for midnight, and then jump over them to bring good luck. Those who don’t have enough fun can also wade into the sea, bringing more good luck and fortune.

Festivals in Torrevieja

Dia de la Virgen del Carmen

The Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of pescators, is a celebrated goddess in the city. The Cofradia de Pescadores organizes different events and activities in the town each year to honor the Virgen. The day starts with a diana, a parade of traditional music through the streets of the city. Then, the festival continues with a cucana, an elegant traditional dance. And the festival concludes with a spectacular artificial fire display.

The festival is held on July 16th. The festival celebrates the patron saint of fishermen and is known as the Dia de la Virgen del Carmen. A statue of the Virgen will be paraded through town and out to sea on a fishing boat. After the procession, a Mass will be held at the Sagrado Corazon de Jesus for all fishermen. A Flower Offering Parade will then be held to honor the Virgen of the Sea.

Torrevieja Sevillanas Fair

During May, Torrevieja hosts the Sevillanas Fair, an annual fiesta with Andalusian influences. This year’s Sevillanas Fair will be held between the 11th and 15th of May. The fair will feature flamenco groups, horse processions and traditional Spanish music and food. The festival is always a hit with locals. Although it was postponed in 2020 due to the global health crisis, it will be held once again in 2022.

This fair has been held for a long time in Torrevieja. It was originally scheduled to run from eight to twelve May and from Wednesday 29 to Sunday 2 June. However, the organisers decided to change the date because the paperwork was not ready in time. The new dates were chosen because they avoid the hot weather in May and September. During this week, people will have a chance to enjoy the fair without worrying about the high temperatures.

San Anton Festivals

On the 17th of January, the town celebrates the day of Saint Anton Abad, the patron saint of animals. The key activity surrounding San Anton is the blessing of the animals. This ritual is usually done after mass and is a popular family activity. Participants bring their pets to be blessed. Traditionally, there will be goats, donkeys, chickens, puppies, and other animals. The town will also hold a traditional pig raffle.

The San Anton Festivals in Torrevieja are a three-day event, featuring a range of events for both children and adults. The religious element of the festival is followed by a fun, family-oriented section, which includes music, dance, and fireworks. In addition, the community has many street events, such as the San Anton Street Festival. This annual event is the largest in the region and features plenty of entertainment for all ages.

Todos los Santos

Todos los Santos, or “All Saints Day,” is a national holiday in Spain. It commemorates the lives and deaths of those who have gone before. This festival draws people from all over the country, as families gather at grave sites to lay flowers for the departed. In the film Volver, the scenes of families laying flowers are depicted.

In the 11th century, the region was under Moorish rule. This influence is still present in Spanish cuisine, with many dishes made with local ingredients such as partridge and fresh lamb. The Fiesta de Todos los Santos is celebrated in the town of Concentaina, Alicante, since 1326. The festival also has a rich history in the Canary Islands, where locals gather to share stories about family members who have died. In addition to the festivities, the town also celebrates a Moors and Christians Festival that dates back 700 years. This event is now a Fiesta of National Interest. For a full picture of the festival, download the leaflet.

Easter parades

If you’re a religious person, you’ll love the elaborate Easter processions that take place in Torrevieja. In the past, these processions have been a contrast between deep religious adoration and the joyous revelry that follows. But this year, the processions have taken on a different meaning, incorporating a new twist. Throughout the town, hundreds of people take part in the processions.

The procession begins at 19.00, with the Cofradias in the town of Torrevieja beginning preparations. The procession includes floats that represent different moments in Jesus Christ’s life. The floats represent different moments of the passion of Jesus Christ, including his death. This event has evolved into a spectacular cultural event, watched by thousands of people every year. In addition to traditional processions, there are also special events on Easter Sunday, such as the Torrevieja Easter Fair and Bunny Hunt.

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