Gay Pride in Alicante

Gay Pride in Alicante

If you are looking for a weekend break for gays, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover the best places for a gay holiday in Alicante. We have some recommendations for bars and clubs in the area, and a guide to the Gay beaches in Benidorm. You can also check out the annual Gay Pride Festival. There are plenty of events to attend during this annual event.

Orgullo de Alicante

The city of Alicante has decided to celebrate the LGBT community with the Orgullo de Alicante this year. This event will take place from July 12 to 18 and has been organized by the vicealcaldesa of Alicante. The Vicealcaldesa, Mari Carmen Sanchez, presented the program for the event. She stressed that the event will follow sanitation regulations and feature drag queens.

The Orgullo de Alicante’s LGBT community has organized many events over the past few years. In addition to the Gay Pride parade, the city is hosting a reivindicative program organized by Entendemos LGTBI, Ponts Alicante and Transformarte. These organizations aim to promote a welcoming environment for all residents and have the support of the Alicante Ayuntamiento.

Gay bars

Alicante is home to a number of gay bars and gay clubs. El Forat is one of the city’s oldest gay bars, featuring an eclectic decor, great tunes, and a lively crowd. Galactic is another great choice, with great music and a lively all-ages crowd. Arte y Jaleo is another atmospheric bar, featuring Europop music and frequent lesbian nights. In addition to these hot spots, Alicante also has many other gay-friendly clubs and discos.

The city’s gay scene is quite lively, with gay clubs coming and going more quickly than in other cities. While most clubs mix people from all types and genders, there are also clubs that are strictly for men. Some are even dark and cruising heavy, and some stay open until dawn. A few of the daytime gay bars are the Canibal Lounge/Pub, on the waterfront at Passeig Esplanada d’Espanya. The Canibal Pub, in the neighborhood of Avenguda Oscar Espla, is another place to find some local fun.

Gay beaches

If you’re looking for a beach with a gay atmosphere, look no further than Alicante. This lively city on the Mediterranean coast is home to several gay bars, nightclubs, and hotels. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the city also offers many different opportunities for summer vacations. For those looking for a less crowded beach, there are numerous other options in the area. Alicante is also home to a popular gay nightclub, Canibal Pub.

For a more information-packed guide to gay beaches in Alicante, you can visit COGAM, a non-profit organization working to promote Human Rights and make society more inclusive. COGAM also works to eradicate homophobic, transphobic, and HIV discrimination. You can also check out Alicante Spotlight, a general tourism guide with information on shopping and nightlife. You can also visit Spain in English, a newspaper covering national and regional news, as well as sports and lifestyle listings.

Gay Benidorm

If you’re a gay person and want to celebrate your culture with a gay pride festival, you’re in luck! The vibrant town of Benidorm has a vibrant gay scene. While most of the gay clubs and nightclubs in Spain are male-only affairs, some cater to a broader range of tastes. There are also men-only clubs and dark rooms where cruising can be heavy. Most of the gay clubs and nightclubs are open into the wee hours of the day on weekends, including many of the ones in Benidorm. There are also daytime gay cafes, such as Canibal Lounge/Pub on the waterfront on Passeig Esplanada d’Espanya, 25. La Cupula Azul, a gay nightclub on Avenguda Oscar Espla, is a local

Despite being a small town, Benidorm’s gay scene is quite vibrant. You can find gay bars and swimsuit-clad boys hanging out at the beach. El Barrio, the city’s LGBT-friendly neighborhood, is a hub of LGBT activity. Alicante’s gay pride is also a great opportunity to celebrate the rights of LGBT people and the LGBT community. The city’s vicealcaldesa, Mari Carmen Sanchez, presented the Orgullo LGTBI program. The event is scheduled for July 12-18. It will include drag queens and dancers.

Gay Sitges

The city of Alicante is hosting a gay pride march on July 20, organised by Spanish LGBTQI+ groups. The march begins at 19:00 local time and proceeds to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where a festival will take place at 22:00. Alicante will see increased security around the parade, so locals are advised to remain vigilant, report suspicious objects, and follow police instructions. If you are traveling to Alicante, do not gather with groups of people in one place.

After the Institutional Act, the city will decorate itself with the rainbow flag, a symbol of equality. From there, you can head to several gay bars and clubs throughout the city. On the night of July 16, there will be a ‘Proud’ party in various pubs in the city environment. Throughout the night, you can enjoy special prices, gifts and entertainment, as well as a drag show. To get a taste of the gay scene in Alicante, you can head to Menswear Sitges.

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