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Travel to Granada Spain

In recent years, Granada in Spain is considered as among the three best cities in the country for students because of their several universities that offer the best quality of educational services. However, this is not the only thing that Granada can offer.

The city, being just an hour away from the Mediterranean coast, which was the gateway of civilization in ancient times, Granada has a rich culture to share. Hence, there are plenty of Granada Historic attractions that you can visit on your vacation in the said city.

Why Granada is the Perfect Destination in Spain for Lovers

Among the top tourist attractions in Granada is the palace called Alhambra. In this modern world, this structure is actually one of the most prominent icons in the history of Islam. Aside from this, there are also several sites in the city that package the cultural diversity and modernity of the place. You will positively be stunned as well with their Almohad urbanism like the Morisco structure and the Moorish structure, which are all unbelievably preserved at Albaicin.

For lovers or partners who will travel to Granada, the Generalife shall not be forgotten on their list of places to be visited. This is an amazing place where you can absolutely roam around leisurely. You can feel the romantic atmosphere of the place as you walk through the Patio de la Acequia, which is the Water and Garden courtyard of the place. It has a long pool designed with splendid fountains and blossoming flowers all over the area. This is also considered the best among the few medieval-inspired gardens in the city. Furthermore, as you walk the isles and outlines of the garden, you will notice and appreciate its exceptional walkways that are designed by their original Granadian style. They are also intensely ornamented with pebbles.


Aside from the sites that you can visit there, you can also enjoy your stay by extraordinary night-life experience. There are lots of bars, cafeterias, and restaurants that will provide anything you want during the nights of your stay in the city. You can pleasantly join the people of Granada since they are very friendly, kind and honest. The warmth of the hospitality of the Latin people is really amazing. By knowing several people there, you are making your vacation an experience that will never be erased from your memory. The goodness of the city’s people will always be cherished by your heart and you will keep on wanting to return there at least every year.

On the other hand, in terms of modes to go there, there are plenty of websites you can visit that will provide you with a detailed Granada travel guide. These sites will commonly give you relevant information on airlines that have direct flights to the city, as well as busses and train stations that you can ride.

Also, because the city is just an hour away from the coastline, several cruise ships and liners include the Granada on their tour packages. This means that you can also visit the city by cruise. The setback of this, however, is that you will be allowed to stay there for limited hours only. This is because the cruise line has its own schedule that you need to abide by.

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