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A trip to Spain’s Costa Blanca, and gorgeous Alicante, is not complete without being tempted across the Mediterranean to the Balaeric Islands. Famed for its nightclubs and hippy markets, Ibiza is also a World Heritage Site for its stunning scenery and eye-piercing white architecture, as well as its party lifestyle. It’s worth exploring, so don’t get trapped in a resort – a few miles up the coast from Alicante is Denia, where the Ibiza ferry departs from.
If time is no impediment, follow curiosity and take a trip a little further north before setting sail: the first drive to the orange-and-arts country of Valencia city, taking in stunning architecture, Europe’s largest covered market, and dazzling sunshine, before hopping on the ferry to the Balaerics. And a traveler’s freedom needn’t stop there. With notable business from European and UK. based operators such as Ritmo cars, Ibiza car hire is a fantastic way of seeing the island without succumbing to the lull of huge tour buses and queues.

Whilst the island still has narrow streets and hills, with a relatively short history of driving – there were only 12 cars here on record in 1956! – there are now several cheap cars hire Ibiza options. On a small island such as Ibiza navigating by car is easy – what’s baffling is that so few holidaymakers seem to cross their side of the divide. The party-goers stick to resorts and clubland; the nature-lovers stick to the secluded northern side of the island.

But the opportunity is there to marry these sides together. This is not to say that you should cancel your planned holiday, buy a tent and start searching car hire Ibiza as avidly as you can. Rather, there are simple ways to take advantage of the ease of driving and car rental in Ibiza: keep your party itinerary, and then why not hire a car on a day off from clubbing? (Best let the night’s effects wear off first…)

Start with a refreshing morning swim and then hop on the roads. A conventional tour might start with the markets of the beautiful San Antonio, Ibiza’s hippy heartland which saw so many Californian visitors in the 1960s. But wind slowly inland and you’ll find gorgeous old pueblos and fincas that remain relatively untouched by global tourism. The Arab architecture of San Lorenzo and Balafia, perfect for walking around and sampling some local cuisine, is a delightful stopgap for culinary indulgence – or just snacking on some typically salted almonds.

You might feel like a sunbathe after being inland, so why not wind along enjoying the wooded scenery of the northern realms of the island until you find your way to Portinatx. Follow a dirt track off the main road and you’ll find Cala D’En Serra, a tiny little sheltered cove and one of Ibiza’s loveliest beaches, which manages to elude the crowds. A couple of casual restaurants or a few fellow sun-seekers might share the sand, but that’s about it.

Then there’s nothing left but to wind home and settle down for the night. You can go back to clubbing or hiking the next day – but in the meantime, don’t limit your exploration by forgetting about car hire in Ibiza. You might catch a fresh new perspective.

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Hi, I'm Pablo, an internet marketer who enjoys working and travelling around the Costa Blanca, Spain. I have been fortunate enough to have met some amazing people on my travels and was lucky enough to be able to make Spain my second home in 2018.

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