Map of Gandia, Spain

Gandia map

Use this large Spain map of Gandia to easily orient yourself and find your hotel in this popular tourist destination on the Mediterranean.

  • Gandia – center north
  • Oliva – center south
  • Park “Marjal de Pego Oliva” – south-east
  • Xeraco, Xeresa and Platja de Gandia – north
  • highways: Autopista del Mediterrani, E-15, AP-7

If you’re thinking about a holiday to Spain, consider visiting Gandia. This large Spanish city is packed with history and has a beautiful beach. You’ll want to visit the Archaeological Museum, where you can view prehistoric artefacts. You can also explore the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, which has Moorish cloisters. Gandia is also home to many sandy beaches, including the Venecia, Rafalcaid, and North Beach.

Gandia is a large city

Gandia has a thriving industrial centre, a medieval city wall, narrow cobblestone streets and a classical Valencian architecture. It also has some excellent restaurants and cafes. Visitors can visit the Collegiate Basilica of Gandia, which was originally an Arabic mosque and was converted to a Christian church in the 14th century. This place of worship was given Collegiate Church status by Pope Alejandro VI.

Gandia, Spain port

There are seven kilometers of fine sandy beaches in Gandia. The summer months are ideal for enjoying these fantastic beaches. Gandia is also known for its tasty seafood dishes, such as fideua, which is a paella-style dish made from thick short noodles and seafood. Another popular dish is fideua negra, which is made with squid ink.

It has a historic centre

The historical centre of Gandia has a lot to offer visitors. Its most iconic landmark is the Gandia Cathedral, built on the site of an old mosque. The cathedral is an impressive structure with a gothic facade and imposing bell tower. It is also the starting point for most religious events held in the city. Visitors can access the cathedral from Paseo de las Germanias.

The town’s historic centre is full of historic buildings. In the early fourteenth century, the city was a stronghold of the Borgia family. The Borgia family held the city’s political and cultural power for two centuries. The town was a thriving town during this time, and today its historical centre is filled with elegant, ornate buildings.
It has many shops

Gandia Spain is one of the largest coastal towns in the Valencia region. The town has over 200,000 people in the summer and is an important center of commerce. It is divided into two parts: the city centre and the beach area. The city centre features a tree-lined avenue and is a popular gathering place for the locals.

The city centre is full of shops, bars and cafes. It is best to visit the town center early in the day, before the shops close. Visitors will enjoy the atmosphere and experience a piece of “real” Spain.
It has a beach

Gandia, Spain is a coastal town with over 200,000 people during the summer. The town is home to many beaches and is the center of commerce for the region. The town itself is divided into two main areas: the city center and the beach. The city center is home to a variety of shops and cafes and is a great place to get a taste of the “real” Spain.

Gandia is located in the Valencia province, and boasts more than seven kilometres of beach. It has a wide selection of beaches, from busy ones to more secluded ones. The beaches have a variety of facilities, including water sports and bars. The city is also home to a three-kilometre promenade that is ideal for strolling and cycling. The town also has a rich history, with a beautiful old town dotted with beautiful buildings such as the Palacio Ducal Palace and Colegiata de Santa Maria.

Great restaurants

If you are looking for an authentic Spanish experience, Gandia, Spain is a great place to visit. It is a city and municipality in the province of Valencia. It is about 65 km south of Valencia and 110 km north of Alicante. The city has a wide variety of restaurants, many of which serve both Spanish and international cuisine.

Gandia has two main areas: the old town and the fishing port. The old town contains cobblestone streets and classical Valencian architecture. The area is also home to great restaurants and cafes. Gandia also has a beautiful beach. The town also boasts many historical and natural monuments.

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