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At the Petrol Stations in Spain Phrases

A list of Spanish phrases for tourists: petrol stations in Spain.
Dónde está la gasolinera más cercana? – Where is the nearest petrol station?
Póngame veinte (20) litros de gasolina, por favor. – Fill in 20 litres of petrol, please.
Quería gasolina. – I would like some petrol.
Quería aceite. – I would like some oil.
Quería agua. – I would like some water.
Podría revisar los neumáticos? – Could you check the tyres?
Podría limpiar el parabrisas? – Could you clean the windscreen?

A list of useful Spanish words:
gasolina – petrol
gasolinera – petrol station
sin plomo – unleaded
gas-oil (disel) – diesel
aceite – oil
nivel de aceite – oil level
presión – air pressure
neumáticos – tyres
presión de los neumáticos – tyre pressure
lavado automático – car wash

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