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Restaurants in Spain Phrases

Complete list of Spanish phrases and expressions that you could use when having a dinner in restaurants in Spain.

Bufè – Buffet
Se admiten niños – Children welcome
Carta – Menu
Autoservicio – Self service
Menú del día – Set menu
Comida para llevar – Food to take away
Carta de vinos – Wine list

Use these expressions when visiting Spanish restaurants in Spain:

Dónde hay un buen restaurante por aquí? – Where can I find a good restaurant near here?
Hay algún restaurante económico por aquí? – Is there a cheap restaurant near here?
A qué hora abre el restaurante? – What time does the restaurant open?
A qué hora cierra el restaurante? – What time does the restaurant close?
Hay que hacer una reserva? – Should we book a table?
Podría reservar una mesa? – Could I book a table?
Quisiera una mesa para dos personas. – I would like a table for two, please.
Hemos reservado. – We have made a reservation.
No hemos reservado. – We haven’t made a reservation.
Podremos esperar hasta que se desocupe una mesa? – Can we wait for a table?
Tenemos que esperar mucho? – Should we wait long?
Está ocupada esta silla? – Is this chair free?
Podemos sentarnos aquí? – Could we sit here?
Podemos sentarnos junto a la ventana? – Can we sit by the window?
Podemos comer afuera? – Can we eat outside?
Podría traernos una silla para niños? – Could you bring us a high chair for kids?
Hay acceso para minusválidos? – Are there facilities for the disabled?

What you could hear when entering a Spanish restaurant:

Ha reservado la mesa? – Do you have a reservation?
A nombre de quién? – What name, please?
Esta mesa está reservada. – That table is reserved.
En diez minutos quedará libre una mesa. – There will be a free table in 10 minutes.
Le importaría esperar en la barra? – Would you mind to wait at the bar?
Fumador o no fumador? – Smoking or non-smoking

A list of Spanish expression you could use when ordering food and drinks in Spanish restaurants in Spain:

Camarero! – Waiter !
Puede tomarnos nota? – We are ready to order.
Quisiéramos comer algo. – We would like to eat something.
Quisiéramos beber algo. – We would like to drink something.
Nos podría traer la carta? – Could you bring us the menu, please?
Hay carta en ingés? – Do you have menu in English?
Todavía no hemos elegido. – We haven’t decided yet.
Qué nos recomienda? – What do you recommend?
Cuáles son los platos del día? – What specials do you have today?
Cuáles son las especialidades de la casa? – What are the specials of the house?
No me gusta la carne. – I do not like meat.
Es picante? – Is it spicy?
Quiero lo mismo que ellos. – I want the same dish they are having.
Viene con patatas? – Does it come with potatoes?
Viene con verduras? – Does it come with vegetables?
Nos puede recomendar un buen vino? – Could you recommend us a good wine?
Cómo es este plato? – What is this dish?
Es un plato caliente o frío? – Is it served hot or cold?
Soy vegetariano. – I am a vegetarian.
No puedo comer carne de cerdo. – I can not eat pork.
No puedo comer azúcar. – I can not eat sugar.
No puedo comer grasa. – I can not eat fat.
No puedo comer sal. – I can not eat salt.
Estoy a régimen. – I am on a diet.
Soy alérgico a los mariscos. – I am alergic to seafood.
Lleva carne? – Is there any meat in this?

Once having your table in a Spanish restaurant, you could hear the waiter asking you the following:

Ya han elegido? – Have you choosen?
Qué les pongo? – What should I bring you?
Quieren ver la carta de vinos? – Would you like to see the wine list?
Todo bien? – Is everything OK?
Falta algo? – Do you need anything else?
Ha terminado ya? – Have you finished?
Les ha gustado la comida? – Did you enjoy your meal?
Les gustaría ver la carta de postres? – Would you like to see the dessert menu
Té o café? – Tea or coffee?
La casa les invita a una copa. – The house invites you for a drink.

If you have some objections on food or service in restaurants in Spain:

Están tardando mucho. – They are taking a long time.
Ya llevamos treinta minutos aquí. – We have been here already for 30 minutes.
Ya llevamos esperando mucho. – We have been waiting for too long.
Esto no es lo que he pedido. – This is not what I have ordered.
Falta un vaso. – A glass is missing.
Necesitamos otro vaso. – We need another glass.
Esto está roto. – This is broken.
Esto está sucio. – This is dirty.
Esto no está limpio. – This is not clean.
Me puede cambiar este tenedor? – Could you change this fork for me?
Hay servilletas? – Do you have any napkins?
Hay un libro de reclamaciones? – Is there a complaints book?
Quisiera hablar con el encargado. – I want to speak to the manager.

How to pay a bill in restaurants in Spain:

Cuánto le debo? – How much is it?
La cuenta, por favor. – Could I have the bill, please?
Cada uno paga lo suyo. – Everyone pays what they had.
Está incluido el servicio? – Is service included?
La cuenta está mal. – There is a mistake on the bill.
Esto no lo hemos pedido. – We did not order this.
Me puede dar un recibo? – Could I have a receipt?
Puedo pagar con tarjeta? – Can I pay by credit card?
El servicio no está incluido. – Service is not included.
Su tarjeta ha sido rechazada. – Your card has been refused.
Todavía faltan dos euros. – You are two euros short.

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