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Spain Internet Cafe Phrases

Looking for an Internet cafe in Spain? Check this list of questions you could ask when using Internet in Spain.

Me podría decir dónde hay un cibercafé? – Could you tell me is there an internet cafe?
Quisiera leer mi correo electrónico. – I would like to read my e-mail.
Quisiera enviar un correo electrónico. – I would like to send an e-mail.
Tiene conexión a Internet? – Do you have internet access?
Cuál es su dirección de correo electrónico? – What is your e-mail address?
Tiene ADSL?  -Do you have broadband?
Quisiera imprimir este documento. – I would like to print this document.
Podría enviar esa foto por correo electrónico? – Could I send this photo by e-mail?
Cuáles son las tarifas de utilización de Internet? – How much does it cost to get on-line?

Spain Internet cafe – useful terms

chatear – to chat
imprimir – to print
conectar a Internet – to get on-line to connect
buscar – to search
copiar – to copy
pegar – to paste
borrar – to delete
enviar – to send
abrir – to open
cerrar – to close
editar – to edit
ventana – window
banda ancha – broadband
búsqueda – search
cibercafé – internet cafe
correo electrónico – e-mail
ordenador – computer
pantalla – screen
ratón – mouse
teclado – keybord
página web – web page
memoria – memory

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