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By being the largest in size and most populous island among the Canary Islands, Tenerife has really a lot to offer. This can be testified by the five (5) million of tourists who visit the island every year. This is because visitors will surely be more than satisfied from their great experience in scuba diving, water sports activities, hiking, night life living and many more.

As popularly known to be the biggest and most frequent visited place in Canary Islands, the government of the island must meet and catch up with the increasing demands of its customers. The activities that the island needs to offer next to also expand. Now, this place is where you can find and do everything for vacations, whether it’s scenic hiking, sport-fishing or looking for a lively nightlife. Well, the island can provide you all of these. These are the reasons why visitors keep coming back every single year.

Tenerife Beaches

Of course, the sites and activities are always on the top of all vacationers’ list. Tenerife beaches are among the most visited attractions to tourists who want to have fun under the sun and those who love outdoor or water sports. Tenerife offers and attracts both families and groups. In the island’s beaches, you can do scuba diving. This is because the water in the island is generally calm and viable for diving all year long. The temperature of the water is considerate as well, with only 18 degrees cold in January while 26 C until August.

Weather in Tenerife

The climate is also one of the advantages of the island. Weather in Tenerife is one of the most pleasant. Its climate blends with the environment, warm summer days and quite cool at night. During February to March, this is the busiest time in Tenerefe because of the Spring-like weather in the island, many people choose to visit and spend vacations during these times.

Tenerife Restaurants

Tenerife holidays offer more than what you expected; there are many fine dinings, hotels, accommodations, entertainments that you can visit while in the island. Fish dishes consist the large portion of the meals in the island. This is expected from an island-city, where the main source of food is in the sea.

There are also freshly cooked dishes that you can order at different restaurants, or where you have the privilege to specifically choose and pinpoint what fish from their ponds you want to eat.

If you want to stick with the traditional Spain delicacies, there are lots of restaurants as well that have tapas, tortilla and paella on their menu.

Getting to Tenerife

In terms of modes of transportation, the usual way to go to the island is through plane. As of today, there are two (2) airports on the island. One Tenerife airport is located at the south (called the Reina Sofia) while the other one is located at the north (called Los Rodeos). The former is near the Los Cristianos while the latter is near at the La Laguna.
In some rare cases, there are several cruise lines that include the Tenerife at their itinerary, which means that cruise passenger will be staying at the island for several hours. Nevertheless, the main mode of transportation to go this island is still through air travel.

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