The Best Gay Pride Celebrations in Alicante

Gay Pride in Benidorm 2022

The first day of the Alicante Gay Pride festivities begins with the traditional Institutional Act, where a rainbow flag is hoisted on the balcony of the town hall. Then, on Saturday, July 16 from 11:30pm, “Proud parties” are held in the city’s pubs. These parties are a mix of fun, special prices and gifts for the entire night. The celebration ends with the traditional Gay Pride Party, held at the Provincial Council of Alicante.

Benidorm Pride 2022

The first gay pride in Benidorm took place in 2011 and has grown since then into a weeklong festival. The events include a parade, themed parties, and other fun activities. You can also visit Benidorm’s Old Town, which doubles as a gay village. The gay nightlife in Benidorm is laid back, and you’ll find many gay bars and clubs.

The Summer Maspalomas Pride takes place in May and reaches over a hundred thousand people. During the pride, boat excursions take place with lunch buffets, riveting DJ sets, and spectacular views of the Spanish coastline. To make your Pride experience even better, try out one of the bars and clubs that have themed parties and special events. And be sure to visit the Gay Pride in Benidorm 2022 in September this year, the city’s final big Pride event of the year.

DADO gay bar

The city of Alicante is one of the fastest growing in Spain, and it has a vibrant gay scene. If you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, you’ll want to visit the city’s many gay bars and nightclubs. Alicante’s queer bars and clubs offer a great experience for both the LGBTQIA+ community and the general public. From drag shows to cabaret shows, there’s something for everyone at these venues.

The local DADO gay bar is the ideal place for LGBT people to celebrate their Pride and enjoy the atmosphere of this openly gay bar. Its outdoor terrace and bar are beautiful, and the drinks menu is diverse and reasonably priced. During the Pride Parade, you can participate in the festivities as a member of the LGBTQ community. You can also visit this gay bar if you’re not feeling like drinking alcohol.

Sitges gay bars

The Sitges Gay Pride Festival will be held in October. The festival is open to all and features tributes to famous LGBT people and celebrities, as well as a day-long Gay Beach Party at Hola Beach Club and a POSEIDON party on the Sunsations Catamaran. Two pool parties are also planned at Ibersol Antemare. This year’s celebrations also include reusable glasses for the guests of honour.

The gay nightlife in the town starts slowly, at around 10pm, and gets really lively around midnight. The gay bars in Sitges are mixed in age, nationality, and style. Most are located within walking distance of one another and have flexible opening hours. Be sure to arrive early to avoid missing any of the fun. And be prepared for a wild night! Although Sitges’ gay nightlife may seem unpredictable at first, it is worth the experience.

La Boba y el Gato Rancio gay bar

Spain’s Gay Pride celebrations will be smaller than usual this year, with coronavirus restrictions limiting the number of attendees. Nevertheless, the celebrations will go on for the entire week. The city is also awaiting a controversial bill that would make it possible for individuals to legally change their gender and name in the civil registry, without the need for a medical examination.

The city is a hotspot for LGBTQ festivities, both in the summer and winter. Spain’s biggest gay winter event, the We Party New Year Festival, takes place in Madrid and draws over 20,000 visitors each year. To get in the mood, head to a bar and dance the night away. There are a number of other gay bars in Alicante.

DADO beach club

Alicante hosts an annual gay pride festival, which takes place in June each year. The event includes gay bars, beach clubs, and other attractions. There are also performances, art presentations, and pool parties. There are even a few LGBT-only hotels and beach clubs. DADO is the premier LGBT beach club in Spain. It is the ideal place for gay Pride celebrations.

Alicante is one of the most popular European gay destinations, with a vibrant LGBT scene. It is home to Spain’s largest gay pride event, which spans five days and culminates on the first weekend of July. The event was started in the year following Franco’s death, when the LGBTQ community reaped the benefits of a shift in legislation and public acceptance. People felt as though they had risen from the ashes and celebrated their equality. Gay marriage and adoption rights are now legal in Spain, and gay men and women enjoy the same rights as heterosexuals and straight people.

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