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Traffic Laws in Spain

Before you go for car hire in Alicante Spain, there are several practical tips about Spain traffic laws and safety features that you must know.

While driving in Alicante is easy, it is significant to know all the motoring rules. Here are a few pointers about traffic laws in Spain.

Driving in Alicante car rental

If you want an Alicante car rental then you must be at least 21 years old. The age may vary according to the car category.
You should have held your license for over a year.
Drivers under the age of 25 will incur an extra ‘young driver surcharge’ apart from the regular fee.
It is mandatory to wear seatbelts.
Children under the age of 3 have to sit on child seats.
Children, less than 12 years of age cannot sit in the front seat.
If you have an International Drivers License – nothing like it!
By law, you have to carry these things with you always in Alicante car rental – a driving license, V5 or the vehicle registration document and certificate of motor insurance.
If your license doesn’t have your photograph, ensure that you are carrying your passport for photo identity.

Driving around in car hire in Alicante Spain

There are many traffic laws in Spain that are not common elsewhere in the world. A few of them are:
You have to drive on the right side.
You must carry all documents, and if you don’t carry them you will be fined on the spot.
While driving in Alicante car rental you have to take care of the speed limits, which are:
Autovias 120kph
Dual Carriageways 100kph
Country Roads 90kph
Urban Roads 50kph
Residential Areas 20kph
If you are found to be overspeeding, the authorities don’t go light on the fact that you are a foreigner. For instance, if you are approaching the town at a high speed, there are sensors that will pick up the speed. If you aren’t within the limit, a red light is flashed and you have to stop. However, if there are two red lights flashing, then you won’t be allowed to enter the town.
Traffic at the left has the right of way, especially on the roundabouts. If you see a solid line in the middle of a road, you can’t pull into the middle to turn left. If you want to do so look for the lines signposted as “Cambio de Sentido”.
Don’t drink and drive. The limits in Spain are very low and penalties imposed by traffic laws in Spain are high.    A person who is found to drive under the influence of alcohol is liable to imprisonment from three to eight months or a heavy fine is imposed. The legal limit is 0.05%, and for new drivers, the limit is 0.01%.
If you don’t own a vehicle and you are driving a car hire in Alicante Spain carry the agreement from your Alicante car rental company to prove that you own the right to drive the hire car.
According to Spanish law, talking on cell phones is strictly prohibited while driving. This includes talking on your mobile when pulling it over on the side of the road. In order to talk on a mobile phone, you should be completely off the road. However, you can talk with a hands-free unit. You can’t even use an earpiece when driving.
Parking in spaces painted yellow is not allowed. Parking spaces are ones that have meters marked in blue from where a ticket can be purchased from a machine or an attendant. If there is no machine near the parking space, don’t assume that parking is for free. These spaces are available for a maximum of two hours. If you leave your Alicante car rental for long or if you have parked your car in a restricted area, your car may be towed. A sticker is left on the curb which guides where the car has been taken. Obviously once again you attract high fines and fees. Moreover, if you don’t know Spanish, you may have a problem dealing with the agencies.
Fines for overspeeding are supposed to be paid on spot and they are calculated at 1,000 pts per kilometer over the limit.
All the Alicante car rental companies have to provide two warning triangles in the luggage compartment and two yellow vests in the glove compartment. Make sure that these are present when you drive out with your car hire in Alicante Spain.
Laws regarding the use of indicators are enforced strictly in Spain. Hence if you plan to overtake or pull back while driving, don’t forget to use the indicators, or else you’ll get fined.

Do not disobey traffic laws in Spain. Follow the rules and regulations on the road if you want to drive your car hire in Alicante Spain safely.

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