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Explore the Old Town of Oviedo: Oviedo is tagged with a title of being the “Cathedral City” of Spain. Maybe this is because all Oviedo Tourism packages have to start their course and adventure from the city’s famous cathedral. From there, visitors can already walk down the town and enjoy viewing lots of historical sites.

When you travel Oviedo, what the city can offer to you is its rich heritage by being a former kingdom under the Austrian Kings. Because of its grand monuments, parks, churches and cathedrals, museums, mountains, magnificent beaches, and highly competitive and world-class universities, the city greets and bows to the visitors as it promises an extraordinary holiday and vacation for everyone.


As stated above, the tower of the City’s Cathedral will be the starting point of your quest to the place. The Cathedral was built with intricate details inspired by the Gothic ancient style.

This tower, the rose window, and the portico entrance protects the greatest symbols in Asturias. Around the Cathedral zone or area, you will be able to see lots of incredible and major infrastructures like the San Tirso Church, the Archaeological Museum, and the Fine Arts Museum. The latter two sites are housing the remains of the former Palace of Velarde and San Vicente convent.

These also house the sculptures during the pre-Romanesque period in the 8th to 10th century. Aside from these, the museums are also the current home of several artifacts and historical items from the Bronze Age, and even items from the Roman period.

Furthermore, Oviedo Spain is composed of several interesting squares that make roaming around the city easier and more enjoyable. For example, walking under the cool sun and breeze from the Cathedral to the University will make you see lots of statues in the street. Aside from this, you can also walk through the Camposagrado from Marquis Palace in San Felix. The famous Cathedral square will lead you to a square plaza called the Alfonso II the Chaste. In this place, you can see both the palaces of Vadecarzana as well as the La Rua palace.

Continuing your Oviedo Spain historical adventure, you will be able to witness the remarkable Cimadevilla, which is considered as the oldest portion of the historic quarter. This is also the place where you can find the exceptional Trascorrales Plaza that consists of the ex-exchange and constitution plaza square. Even the San Isidro Church and the City Hall, which was built in the 18th century, can be found there.

At the outermost part of the square is the University of Oviedo, which is also considered as the last building that belongs to the historic quarter. This is because, after the vicinity of the University, you are already at the new district of Oviedo. Anyway, before you enter the new district, make sure to have a picture with the plateresque facade of this university, which was built in the 16th century.

With the undoubtedly rich history of Oviedo, your long journey to get there will surely be worthwhile. You can choose to go there through air transportation. The setback, however, is that the airport is approximately 40 kilometers away from the city proper of Oviedo. That would be an additional hour of travel aside from the time you consumed on the plane.

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