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Feed Your Eyes With Magnificent Sight in Palma De Mallorca

By having a long history of being the cultural and financial center of the Balearic Islands, the reasons to travel Palma de Mallorca are already more than enough to convince tourists and visitors.

Its convincing power is even elevated by several historical tourist destinations in and around the city, as well as the much-awaited Palma de Mallorca holidays, which is being anticipated by thousands of vacationers in Europe and around the globe.

As you plan your travel to Palma de Mallorca, do not ever forget to include on your lists of places to visit some major sites in the city. Some of these are the Plaza de Espanya, the Cathedral, the Old City area, the Banys Arabs, as well as the Rubbish containers.

Palma de Mallorca Holidays

First, your travel will never be complete if you will not pass by the Plaza de Espanya. It is because this is where you are going to start your Palma City Sightseeing experience. In fact, this is where you can find the City’s transportation hub, where you can see the Intermodal Station that caters regular tips of trains and buses in and around Mallorca. Furthermore, this is also the best place for you to get information about relevant tourist attractions that you want to visit.

Secondly, you shall never miss as well to visit the Cathedral area, where the world’s famous La Seu stands. This structure was started to be built beginning the early years of 1229. Unfortunately, it was only in 1601 when its constructions were finally finished. In 1901, architect Antoni Gaudi initiated a project to restore the structure.

Thirdly, after passing by the cathedral area, just behind it, you can find the Old City. It is a very charming maze of squares, roads, and streets, which all represent the history of Arab nationalism in the city. Around it is several magnificent building and infrastructures that you can definitely enjoy to take pictures as you walk down the town. As you do so, you will surely be overwhelmed with the plenty of intricate metal carvings and eaves of the buildings across the streets of the Old City. This is also where you can find our fourth must-see destination, which is the Banys Arabs. Its name literally means Arab Baths, where you can find one of the very few remains of the Morrish in Palma.

Because of the strategic location of the city, you can choose to get there through different means of transportation. If you choose to travel by plane, the Palma de Mallorca airport is just nine kilometers away from the city proper. There are daily and regular flights from major European countries. There are also budget airlines that can bring you there at a very low cost. When you land at the airport, there are regular trips of busses from there to the city proper.

Another way to go there today is by cruise. This is actually an emerging sector of the transportation industry, which is becoming popular as well in most middle and upper-class vacationers. This is because as the passengers travel to their destination, they will not get bored because there are plenty of amenities they can enjoy while en route.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to travel from mainland Spain through land since there are still no roads, bridges, and other infrastructures that connect the Islands to the mainland.

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