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Sevilla is the capital of the Spanish region of Andalucia, situated on the River Guadalquivir. As an important artistic and cultural center, Sevilla Spain offers you many vacation opportunities. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of southern Spain

Get into contact with its long history during your Seville holidays, starting with the Tartessian and Roman period, followed by the Arab golden age and later by Spanish Reconquista and the expeditions to the New World.

Be Charmed by Sevilla and Be A Fun of its Diversed Cultures

I am fond of traveling around the world. I’ve been to many European countries and even to Namibia and South Africa. My purpose of traveling is not just to spend some vacation and relax; instead, I want to go to different places because I want to learn lots of practical things from different people around the world as I leisurely spend my precious free time.

One of the most remarkable vacations that I will never be able to erase in my memory is when I travel Sevilla in Spain. As expected from the center of Southern Europe in terms of financial and cultural aspects, I had an enormous experience on my stay there. The places were incredible and magical for me. The people were very kind, hospitable, caring, and honest to me like they are my relatives. The foods were like cooked for the gods. They were exceptionally delicious.

Some of the Seville attractions that I visited were the famous City Cathedral, which is once referred to as the third biggest in the whole world. While it is only the third, it is being contested to be the biggest in terms of volume. Upon entering the church, I was really astounded not only by its size but because of the intricate details inside it. No wonder that this place was chosen to be the place of Christopher Columbus’ remains.

City Cathedral seville

Another site that I visited was the famous La Giralda, which is considered the symbol of Seville. Formerly, it was a minaret and was later on reconstructed into a three hundred and forty-three feet (343 ft) bell tower of the City Cathedral. It stands on its location since 1198. From my experience in visiting the site, I can testify to you that any Seville tourism package will never be completed without a visit to La Giralda. This is because by climbing the tower with 34 ramps, you can enjoy taking pictures with the enormous vision of Sevilla on your background.

Furthermore, after I visited the Cathedral of Sevilla, I dropped by at the Jewish Quarter or the Barrio Santa Cruz as well. This is actually filled with winding roads just around the Cathedral. The site has a very touristy and friendly aura, which is possibly the reason why it is commonly regarded by most visitors as the most charming destination in Seville.

For art lovers like me, the Plaza del Museo or the Fine Arts Museum was definitely one of the perfect sites that I visited in Sevilla. Even though I was not able to take lots of pictures inside; my mind was really full of outstanding artworks of both international and local artists of the City. Visiting the museum was a very immense learning opportunity for me to read how the people of Seville view arts and many others.

Plaza del Museo seville

Now that I have mentioned these areas I visited, you are possibly convinced enough to plan your next vacation in Sevilla. If yes, then there are several factors that you need to consider. One of these is the mode of transportation. Usually, since this place is a land-locked city, it is only reached through air or land transportation.

Seville Tourism – Seville Attractions

The most important touristic Seville attractions are:

  • Seville Cathedral – built in the 15th century, replacing the city’s mosque.
  • The Alcázar – a beautiful palace in front of the cathedral, with splendid gardens.
  • Golden Tower – La Torre del Oro – a watchtower built by the Arab Almohad dynasty.
  • The Town Hall – built in the 16th century.
  • The University of Seville – placed in buildings of the first tobacco factory in Europe.
  • The Spain Square – La Plaza de España – was built at the beginning of the 20th century for the Ibero-American Exposition.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts – where you can enjoy masterworks painted by Murillo and other Spanish masters, as well as a collection of Flemish paintings.
  • The María Luisa Park – El Parque de Maria Luisa – with attractive monuments and museums (the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Traditional Arts and Customs).

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Hi, I'm Pablo, an internet marketer who enjoys working and travelling around the Costa Blanca, Spain. I have been fortunate enough to have met some amazing people on my travels and was lucky enough to be able to make Spain my second home in 2018.
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