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Are you looking for a place in Spain where you can be at the heart of different major cities? Then your search is over. Your wish will be granted if you will travel to Zaragoza.

Zaragoza Spain is a very warm and pleasing town that is strategically situated between major cities like Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, and Valencia. Unfortunately, this place is taken for granted most of the time when people visit the said major cities around the place. Hence, most people were not able to appreciate the sincere and natural beauty of Zaragoza’s affluent culture and traditions.

Furthermore, people also missed the great opportunity to value the 2000 years of the city’s history and legacies. In fact, Zaragoza is associated with the history of Christianity in the country of Spain. According to some stories, there was a miraculous appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary standing on a pillar before the great Saint James. This story is being celebrated through the feast for Our Lady of the Pillar. This event, which is also popularly known as Las Fiestas del Pilar, is being commemorated every 12th of October. This feast is one of the major festivals in Zaragoza that is being witnessed by lots of devoted Christians around the city, as well as tourists around the globe. The event usually lasts for up to nine days.

On the other hand, the history of Zaragoza is not only consisted of Christian history. When you visit the city, you will be surprised at how rich Zaragoza tourism is. This is because the Iberian, Moslem, and even Roman history of the city are beautifully mixed all together in order to be part of its current image. Moreover, due to being at the center of different major cities and by having the richest history, Zaragoza is now considered as the Culture Capital of Europe.

In addition to the cultural advantage of the city, its location is beneficial for its economy as well. The city hosted the Expo 2008, which is the official World’s Summit that focused on sustainable development and water conservation issues. By hosting the said event, it has been another milestone for the tourism industry of the city. Since then, the city government has been really aggressive to grab the honor to host several fairs like the Flowers Expo in 2014 as well as the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. Therefore, Zaragoza is a very strong emerging tourism destination in Spain nowadays.

With this, there are already several modes of transportation to and from Zaragoza. In terms of air transportation, the Zaragoza airport is located just ten kilometers all the way from the city proper. Airlines like Ryanair, Air Nostrum, and Air Europe have regular flights from London, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, and even Brussels.

You can also go to Zaragoza by train. AVE is one of the high-speed train operators in the city that can reach up to Madrid for only an hour and a half of travel while less than two hours of travel to Barcelona.

Traveling via bus or car is also one of the options to get to Zaragoza.

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Hi, I'm Pablo, an internet marketer who enjoys working and travelling around the Costa Blanca, Spain. I have been fortunate enough to have met some amazing people on my travels and was lucky enough to be able to make Spain my second home in 2018.
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