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For many years, Spain has always been regarded as a seat of higher education. Indeed, there are thousands of international students who journey to Spain for education. Not only is the country respected for its educational system but also for its top-class educators. No wonder, the number of international students within the country is continuously growing through the years. The Valencian city of Alicante has one of the most innovative and modern universities in the country – the University of Alicante also known as Universidad de Alicante.

Located in San Vicente del Raspeig, in the northern part of Alicante city, the Alicante University is right within the busy district of the city. Students benefit from its close proximity to essential establishments such as food courts, shopping centres, major transportation hubs, entertainment centres and lots more.

Alicante University was established in October 1979. Compared with other Spanish universities, Universidad de Alicante is equipped with varied modern facilities needed by students in their educational journey and awesome campus area full of trees and flowers. However, the present university in fact continues tradition of an earlier educational institution the Univesity of Orihuela, founded in 1545 in a nearby historic town.

Currently, the university has an estimated annual enrolment of 30,000 divided into more than fifty graduate and post-graduate degrees. Among this population are international students pursuing their education in Spain. Usually, international students learn Spanish in Alicante University while others study different university Spanish courses such as Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Technology, Experimental Science, Education, Liberal Arts and other specialized fields of study.

In this part of Valencia, the people owe its success to their own spirit of enterprise and sense of community. Students of any nationality will learn from the unique culture of the city. Aside from University of Alicante’s primordial role in educating students, it also participates in addressing the needs of both the local and international community.

Specifically, the university is an active participant in the European Socrates-Erasmus Exchange Programme. Every year droves of students from world over are admitted to the school. In the recent past, more than one thousand international students have been enrolled in degrees offered by the university. International students under the Socrates-Erasmus Program are provided with the best academic opportunities and cultural immersion. The program fosters the development of different fields of study in every region of the world.

Whether you are studying at the University of Alicante as part of the Socrates-Erasmus Exchange Programme or you simply want to have a Spanish education, you need to qualify in the university’s stringent admission process. Here are some important things you need to know before boarding off to Spain.

Entrance Examination and Admission Requirements
Generally, admission requirements depend on your current educational attainment and the degree you are planning to take. Foreign students with approved secondary education will need to take the entrance examination. The same goes with all other applicants.
For applicants with pre-university studies, they need to have their foreign education validated. Students who have partial college education and want to continue their study in Alicante University will need to submit their transcript at the respective department. Graduate students who want to further their education in Spain will have to submit their degree to the Ministry of Education for validation and recognition. If this is not possible, the student can transfer some units and take up the course at the university. Applicants must see to it that they complete the application forms and requirements found online.

Visa requirements
International students except for students coming from EU countries will need to have a student visa to be admitted at Alicante University. You can contact any Spanish agency based in your country for necessary requirements.

University of Alicante ensures that foreign students will be given assistance with regards to finding their accommodation. There are in-campus residences which students can use during the duration of their study. If you want to immerse at the community, the university has a list of possible off-campus residences and boarding houses for your stay.

Cost of Living
The cost of living in the Spanish urban centres is relatively high. If you choose to stay off-campus, you will need to pay separate bills for your electricity, internet, phone and transportation. Food is also a bit pricey. Aside from your basic necessities, there are also other expenses that need to be considered: entertainment, health and additional school expenses. It is hard to estimate how much you will need in your first month of study.

Jobs in Alicante
Like in any other part of Europe, finding a job in Spain is not that easy. With its picturesque scenery, warm climate, vibrant economy and wonderful community, Alicante Spain is a great place to work.

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